1. Each function key light up with A touch ON the panel.

  2. Illuminated cool-blue backlight at night.

  3. Aluminum (DELETE MADE) panel with either sand or mirror effect.

  4. Built-in infrared receiver.

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5005L Touch Panel Keypad

The Nico LonWorks-based Touch Panel Keypad is a multi-functional panel with a sleek and futuristic design that provides a simple yet convenient and flexible control for lights electrical appliances and other sub-systems. The Touch Panel Keypad is suitable for the home, office or even industrial settings.

The Touch Panel Keypad offers an illuminates cool-blue backlight at night and each function key lights up with one touch. This replaces the traditional buttons and keypad. The Touch Panel Keypad provides a clear, high-tech appearance.

The keypad overlay can also be customized using computer printouts to match wallpaper or décor. The computerized custom overlay reduces the traditional engraving or silkscreen process of the keypad.

  • Features:

The Touch Panel Keypad is able to link Home Automation, Security, Surveillance and e-commerce. It provides a fully interactive function to help manage control of the environment such as HVAC. Lighting, security and entertainment systems.

The Touch Panel Keypad links with the Home Automation System. It can also replace the traditional AC power cord On/Off switch. The Touch Panel Keypad offers easier wiring and less wiring materials and it is more efficient in manufacture. Programmable functionalities are able to alter other controlling functions, which improves convenience and flexibility in use.