Nico intelligent access control system giving you a safe, secure home.

Nico in addition to have a professional lighting control, also provide security professional intelligent district access control system:fingerprint locks, digital intercom system. Please rest assured that the home security entrusted to Nico, Nico checking home security for you!


Face recognition function, wall-mounted installation, 23mm ultra slim design, IP65 waterproof, explosion-proof glass panel rugged.


Variety of unlocking methods, explosion-proof fire lock, anti-copying high security fingerprint identification.


1.84 cm ultra slim profile, high capacitance touch screen, clear and sharp display.

Intelligent lighting control system

Make you feel comfy

After a tiring day,the first thing is to turn on the lights when you back home. The light up will feel at home!
Is lighting design expensive?
Oh no!
The same budget achieve better results.
It is environmentally friendly and saveing money.
Make you feel comfy!

  • Energy saving

    Save more money

  • The control environment

    Have a good mood

  • Easy to use

    Available to everyone

  • Easy to design

    Save time and effort

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