Nico 4001DL LED Driver

  • MR16 Dimming
  • Architectural lighting.
  • Campus lighting.
  • Club lighting.



The 4001DT is a DC LED Driver in Nico Smart Control System. This controller cooperates with Nico Smart master that perform scene control in home and place of entertainment.

This controller employs a powerful microcontroller .This microcontroller integrates DMX512 technology and receives control data perform LED dimming output. Collaborates with Nico Smart Control System, The user can download App and experience Nico IoT (Internet on Things) technology.



  • DMX512 communication protocol that perform high speed 250Kbis/s communication rate.
  • 1 channel DC LED dimming output with up to 1.5Amp loading.
  • 48V DC input.
  • 45V CVCC output.
  • Low power consumption.
  • RoSH compliant



The 4001DL is a DC LED Driver in Nico Smart Control System. This controller employs an 8 bits microcontroller that receives a DMX dimming data from Nico Smart master and performs LED dimming output. The 4001DL is powered by 48VDC and with a CVCC 45V, and up to 1.5Amp loading. This LED Driver may drive most popular MR16 manufacturer such as PHILIPS, GE, and CREE and perform MR16 LED Dimming. The 4001DL may drive serial connection up to 8 MR16 LEDs. The 4001DL with a selection of CVCC 45V, 0.35Amp, 0.5Amp, 0.7Amp, 1.0Amp, 1.2Amp and 1.5Amp that let this LED Driver can drive most LED lighting such as COB or PLCC.





Processor 8 bits microprocessor run on 48Mhz with 32K flash memory and 3.8K SRAM
DMX Control
Input channel 1 Universes
Output channel 1 Universes
Transceivers 1Mbits RS485 Transceiver with 15KV ESD Protected
Communication rate 250Kbits/s
LED dimming
LED serial forward voltage(Vf)


Up to 45VDC
LED output Current 0.35A,0.5A,0.7A,1.0A,1.2A.1.5A
Loading capacity Up to 40W
Power supply
Supply voltage 48VDC
Power consumption 1.5W without LED Driver output.
Environmental ratings
Operating temperature 0° – 40℃
Shipping/storage temperature -20° to 70°C
Relative humidity 5% to 95% no condensing
Control object Mono Lamp Actuator object *1
Accessory 150mm wire with mini fit connector ,20 AWG 105C * 4P
Dimensions W78.2 x D61 x H23.8 mm


Reference wiring




  • MR16 Dimming
  • Architectural lighting.
  • Campus lighting.
  • Club lighting.